Automatic Video Dubbing
Fast & Efficiently

Videos translated with one click.
Add the most realistic, professional video dubbing of 140+ languages to your videos using our world's leading AI voice.

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Rapid, 90% accurate translating

Skip the usual long and error-prone captioning process. Our tool delivers fast and accurate results, offering captions and voice-overs in 140+ languages.

Realistic AI voice-over

Are you searching for voice dubbing that doesn’t sound robotic and awkward? We have over 250 naturally sounding voices in 140+ languages to choose from and customize.

How it works

Create translated content in minutes, not hours, with just a few simple steps.

1. Upload file

Upload your audio/video from your computer or Youtube link. Select the video's original and target languages.

You can also upload with SRT/VTT files and use dictionaries for better transcription.

2. Processing

After clicking submit. Soon, you will have autogenerated captions & translations.

The process time is based on the length of the video.

3. Edit, dub & Export

After satisfied with the transcription, click “Start Dubbing” with available voiceovers or use the Voice Cloning feature.

Soon, you can export your video in formats like MP4, MP3, and SRT. Additionally, you can also edit and redub the video as needed.
AI Video Dubber

Natural sounding voices for videos

Create the most natural sounding and professional voices of 140+ languages for your videos using our world's leading AI technology. Or you can build your own AI voice by our Voice Cloning feature.

AI voice-over
Your go-to translation tool

Accurate translation
in 140+ languages can get up to 95% accuracy in translation. Simply upload your videos and our service will automatically translate the audio of your videos to other languages. 

Our platform combines machine learning and humans to ensure our translation keeps improving its accuracy.

You will have translated subtitles, and the translated voice-overs after a click. No more manually writing texts in Google Translate to translate your script. And no more getting frustrated at bad machine translating.

Fast turnaround time

We know how time-consuming and costly the traditional process takes to find suitable translators, editors, and voice actors in order to translate videos to other languages.

With, you can do all these processes within minutes. What's the catch? You just have to upload videos, let the platform do your job, and get notified when it is done.

Within minutes and voila, you have all of your videos translated into various languages! No more manually translating or hiring expensive voice actors.

Our Happy Users

"Fast and easy to use. Do the jobs perfectly. I am looking forward to their new feature of manipulating AI voices."



"It is so easy to convert our business videos from Finnish to Swedish, and English : translated subtitles and voice dubbing."

Juho Salo


"Love the tool. They do really well with Spanish and English. I use for creating e-learning materials; the tool has saved me a lot of time!"

James T

Video Editor

" The translation and voices are incredible! Great for us to create localized ads and promos for our ecom store"

Dave Smith

Our community keeps growing

Within 2 months after our launch


TEAMS using us





Unlimited editing & downloads

Edit the original captions, translate subtitles, and change voices as much as you want. Collaborate with teammates and freelancers to edit the text and sync in real-time to easily create the best translated subtitles and voice-over.

Then download as many different versions as you prefer. It's easy to customize the best tone for different audiences and channels.

Voice over editoraudio recorder and editor
Voiceover Speech Editor (Coming Soon)

Design your own voiceovers

With, you're not limited from being creative with voice-overs. Edit the text, set your own tone of the voice-over you want for your videos - it's your playground to be creative. Whether you're a game studio or a social video marketer, we help you set the own voice for your brand.

Change the tone, emphasis, pitch and more. We empower everyone without voice editing skills to creating the AI voice-overs they want.


Designed for creative content creators to get started and scale with AI translated voice dubbing technology

  • 250+ AI Voices in 140+ languages

    Great access to our growing library of 250+ voices of different genders, ages, and tones.

  • Multiple voices

    You can easily pick multiple voices for different lines to make the videos sound more conversational.

  • Easily edit timings

    Edit the timing of the voices to match the tones and speech that you prefer.

All-in-one video editor tool

Simple & Powerful Video Editing

The easiest, most powerful subtitle and voice-over video editor. Loved and trusted by content creators and video agencies of 100+ brands to reach and engage with audiences better.
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