Affiliate Program

🎉 Earn up to 30% recurring commissions 🎉

👋 Welcome to HeiTech Affiliate Program!

Become a valued partner in HeiTech's growth and success by participating in our rewarding affiliate program. Help us spread the magic of AI-driven video services while earning a generous commission for every successful referral.

🎯 Who is this for?

Calling all content creators, digital marketers, educators, YouTubers, and video enthusiasts! If you have an audience that could benefit from our cutting-edge video solutions, this program is tailored for you.

💰 Commission

Once your referrals pay for their account, you will receive a 30% recurring commission on every transaction for the initial 12 months they continue to be a customer. The more you promote, the more you earn!

🍪 30 Days of Cookies

We've got your back! Even if your referral makes a purchase within 30 days of their first visit, you'll still receive the commission. Your efforts matter!

💵 Monthly Payouts & Low Minimum

Enjoy monthly payouts with a minimum threshold of just $50. Your earnings are unlimited, and we're here to reward your hard work!

📊 Referral Tracking

Our trusted referral tracking platform is Rewardful, making it seamless to monitor your success (click here for more information).

👉 Easy Registration

1. Sign up for the program (Remember to use your account email for commission).

2. Receive a verification email with detailed instructions.

3. After successful authentication, start using the referral links from your Rewardful dashboard.

Join us today, and let's soar to new heights together! Embrace the power of HeiTech's affiliate program and spread the magic of AI-powered video services far and wide. Sign up now and unlock the possibilities!

Terms and conditions apply: Commission earned when referral successfully pays for our services.