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How to voice over youtube videos?

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How to voice over youtube videos?

In fact, there are many different programs to do video dubbing. Some even offer simultaneous video recording and voice recording. However, some users prefer to add a voiceover to the video or after recording the video. How to voice over youtube videos? Let us find out in the article below to choose the right tool.

How to voice over youtube videos?

To voice over youtube videos, you can use Youtube Studio or Both of these tools offer convenience, speed, and ease.

Youtube Studio

You can perform actions to add audio, and edit videos

Youtube Studio is a tool to help edit Youtube videos. In this software, you can perform actions to add audio, and edit videos before uploading them to youtube again. The steps are also extremely simple and easy:

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  • On the left menu, select Content.
  • Click the video you want to edit.
  • On the left menu, click Editor.
  • Select the Sound Notes icon and then use the search filters to find a new audio track. Click the Play icon to preview the audio track.
  • When you find a song you like, click ADD. That song will appear in the Editor inside a blue box.
  • Drag that box to adjust when the song starts.
  • Drag the edges of the tile to adjust how long the song plays.
  • Use the zoom options Zoom for more precise adjustments.
  • When you're done, click SAVE.


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This software offers more than 70 languages ​​​​with 250 voices is known as an all-in-one video editing tool. It specializes in using AI technology in voiceover video editing, subtitles, and content creation and is one of the best robot voice-over generators.

You can use various languages ​​to convert text to speech AI. This software offers more than 70 languages ​​with 250 voices, translated captions and subtitles, background music and many other attractive features. The conversion process will be done quickly and with 90% accuracy.

Customers can even record and dub their own videos of their choice. The steps are simple and easy.

  • Upload your video from your computer or share your video link.
  • Record your own dub or upload a dub, or simply paste your text to create a human-like dub and add it to your Video.
  • Once done, click Download Video to finish or Edit Video to make changes. When done, select Export.


How to voice over youtube videos? Youtube Studio and tools are great options to give your videos a unique voiceover sound. You don't need to spend a lot of money to hire someone to record or edit audio. All resolved after a few mouse clicks. Thanks to modern technology, you can also choose from a variety of sound styles that you love.

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