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Translate and create subtitles from the Podcast -

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Translate and create subtitles from the Podcast -

How to Transcribe and Translate Your Podcast for Greater Reach

Transcription and translation are important processes when it comes to content. They can help you make your content more accessible to a wider audience and improve its overall quality. When it comes to podcasts, transcription, and translation can be especially useful, as they can help you convert the audio file into a text file that everyone can easily understand. In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of transcribing and translating your Podcast and the different methods available to you.

Why translation is important?

Did you know that almost a third of the world's population doesn't speak English? That's a lot of potential customers who might need help understanding your content if it's only available in English. Transcribing and translating your Podcast can help you reach a wider audience and boost your business' international presence.

The podcast industry is booming in France, with more than 155 million listenings during March 2022 according to a Médiamétrie study. This exorbitant figure represents even 20% growth over February's numbers which are already high-ranked atypical for this market segment! You can be sure that your audience needs you, but they still have trouble finding them because there are many competitors via audio recordings and translations into different languages too."

Subtitling a podcast

Transcribing your podcast improves your SEO. It actually allows you to rank in the first results of search engines.

Google or Bing, for example, is able to read written content, but it still needs you to show it what you’re talking about. Of course, it is important to optimize the page that hosts your recording. In particular, you must insert :

  • The name of your podcast and the name of the episode;
  • The date of publication (or broadcast);
  • The theme;
  • The description of the episode;
  • The keywords;
  • Etc.

Increase your audience

Some users consume their content orally. Others remain inveterate fans of the written word. You can easily understand that it is not the customer who has to adapt to your format but the other way around! That's why it's better to have your words written if you want to seduce them.
Furthermore, subtitling your audio allows more than 6 million deaf or hard-of-hearing people to be part of your audience. So you should be inclusive and allow everyone to learn about your company.

Improve the user experience

Written transcripts also make it easier to find information on your podcast. Imagine that one of your listeners is listening to you and wants to find a hint in one of your episodes.

Reason: to seduce foreign consumers

The translation of your podcast into other languages will allow you to expand internationally. Your competitors may have already taken this step, but it's still worth investing time in order for people around the world understand what great content is being offered!

Indexed on foreign search engines Google or Bing

Your voice is your brand. To attract Internet users from other countries, you must first be identified by foreign algorithms, and the words in which they're interested matter most for ranking purposes on Google or Bing - so make sure to translate them!

3 steps to online translation and transcription with

If you're like most business owners, you are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to market your company. One great way to do this is by creating a podcast. But what do you do if you want to share your podcast with people who don't speak your language? You transcription and translation! Download Audio From podcast

- On your PC, head on over to Google Podcasts and find the podcast episode you want to download.

- Right-click. View page source.

- You'll want to run a search (Ctrl+F) for "mp3". This way you'll be able to find a URL with a .mp3 in the end.

- Copy that .mp3 URL and paste it into another tab. You'll see the embedded media player now with your mp3 file.

- Right-click. Save audio as >> choose your directory. It should download now onto your PC.

Podcast Transcription with

Step 1: Upload your audio file to

Step 2: Select the original language. Select the language you want to create the subtitles you want to translate

Step 3: Submit, and play. You have translated subtitles

Step 2
Play, and Enjoy with Subtitles from the Podcast

To control your transcription, you can correct your writing in collaborative mode. Videomenthe even offers you a quality human revision for the translation.

How to convert an MP3 Podcast file to Transcription Text?

4 Steps:

Step 1: Upload MP3 in Tap Transcription Menu

Step 2: Click choice Language

Step 3: Submit and wait

Step 4: There is a notification of completion, click again on the Mp3 file in the Hei io app, Export file with Doc or PDF...

Step 1
Step 2: Export
Step 4: Download with Timestamps (Podcast MP3)


Podcast transcription is the process of turning an audio recording into a written document. This can be useful for a number of reasons, including making your content more accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing, or for those who want to read rather than listen to your podcast.

Podcast translation takes podcast transcription one step further by translating the text into another language. This can be especially useful if you have a global audience and want to make your content available in multiple languages.

There are a number of services that offer both podcast transcription and translation, so it's important to do your research before choosing one. Some things to consider include cost, turnaround time, and quality of service.

Overall, podcast transcription and translation can be a great way to widen your audience and make your content more accessible to everyone. Make sure you do your research beforehand so you can find the right service for you!


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Source: Médiamétrie - eStat Podcast – March  2022 - Copyright Médiamétrie - All rights reserved

(1) See the measurement methodology at the end of the release

(2) Native podcasts are original audio content not broadcast over the air, and produced by Radio stations or by other producers

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