Goto meeting simultaneous translation and what you need to know

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Goto meeting simultaneous translation and what you need to know

Goto meeting simultaneous translation provides real-time transcription and translation for face-to-face meetings and conversations. A lot of people need this service for an important meeting.

Language difference is a big barrier to many people's work when collaborating with people from many countries. If the meeting organizer does not have much language knowledge, gotomeeting simultaneous translation will be needed during meetings. Although online meeting applications also provide this service, there are many limitations. In the article below, will help you gain important knowledge before the meeting.

Goto meeting simultaneous translation service for meetings

What is Goto meeting simultaneous translation?

Goto meeting simultaneous translation is the fastest and most convenient way to help people connect interpreters to meetings through applications. For language issues, interpreters can use this service during meetings.

In which before starting the meeting you will have to schedule, turn on the interpreter option then select the desired language. It will be the responsibility of the host to select an interpreter with sufficient experience and expertise to invite them to assist in the meeting and perform the work requested by you.

However, hiring a private interpreter will have many limitations, take a lot of time and cost to prepare. Besides, some applications for you to join the meeting also provide gotomeeting simultaneous translation. Using interpreters on these applications also has many limitations and does not guarantee high accuracy. Then the best solution is to find a reputable company that provides gotomeeting simultaneous translation service.

How to operate Gotomeeting simultaneous translation on the app

Users who want an operational interpreter during a meeting or webinar can enable Language Interpretation mode. This allows the host to designate up to 20 participants as interpreters on the web portal or during a Goto meeting session.

When a meeting or webinar begins, the host can turn on interpreting, allowing interpreters to provide their own audio channels for the language they are translating. Listeners can then select an audio channel to hear the translated audio in the language of their choice, as well as the option to mute the original audio instead of listening to the original language at a lower volume in the language preferences.  

However, choosing this service in applications cannot meet the needs of users well, the accuracy is not high and it is not possible to completely support all your wishes. In apps you cannot use language interpreters with individual meeting ID. When using language translator and sharing your screen with computer audio, the shared audio will be played at 100% volume for everyone. You must avoid sharing audio while language interpreter mode is active to avoid audio imbalances that can be caused by this mode.

How to operate Gotomeeting simultaneous translation on the app supports high quality simultaneous translation

As mentioned, the choice of Goto meeting simultaneous translation service in applications will also have many limitations. Then the best solution is to find reputable, professional companies that specialize in providing gotomeeting simultaneous translation services. Understanding the fear of language barriers as well as the needs of many people, was born to help people eliminate this worry. offers the Hei Meet service, which is an interpreting product that helps people get rid of worries about language barriers. It provides 70 languages ​​from different countries with an accuracy of up to 96%. Surely the experiences that the company brings will be the best solutions for your meetings. Hei's support staff is also extremely professional and has expert knowledge of language platforms. You will certainly be supported in the best way when you come here.

Features of Hei Meet

Besides, the cost to use this service is also very reasonable and much cheaper than choosing the service available on the application. They will connect to the applications required by the customer to conduct simultaneous interpretation for the meeting.

In addition, if you want to simultaneously interpreting with text, the company also fully supports you according to each request. Besides taking notes of the meeting content, you can also request to save the video during the meeting to check when it's over.

If you are looking for gotomeeting simultaneous translation service, then come to for the best translation support. The company will also connect interpreters with meeting applications to help you translate quickly and accurately. Hopefully, the information shared above will be really useful for all those who are having problems with the language barrier when organizing the meeting.

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